O'Brien's Cottage


(formally named: "The Banshee's Curse")

Eddie O'Brien bought a plot of land in the hills of West Clare.  Against the advice of then locals, Eddie chopped down an old Hawthorn tree to make room for his cottage.  His neighbors warned him that the Hawthorn tree was a Faerie tree and a curse would befall anyone who cut it.  Since then, every generation of O'Briens to live in that cottage has suffered a sudden and unexpected death.  It happens always on a night with a strange and sudden storm, and the locals report hearing the wailing of a woman in the wind.   You have 60 minutes to find a way to appease the Banshee before she takes your life next!


2 participants: €54.00 (€27pp)
3 participants
: €72.00 (€24pp)
4 participants
:  €88.00 (€22pp)

5 participants: €100.00 (€20pp)

6 participants: €114.00 (€19pp)​

Bring the FAMILY! Children ages 6-11: +€10 (with at least 2 paying ADULTS)

We offer a reduced rate for children ages 6-11 who are attending as part of their family group, which must include at least 2 adults. 

This price is not applicable to groups of children who are the primary players.

The puzzles in our games require logic, focus, and critical-thinking - and are best enjoyed by teens and adults.  Younger people love our games and are very good at observation and searching - however, children under 12 will need adult support to solve the puzzles.  It is a great opportunity for family teamwork, as everyone has to work together.    

**There must be at least one adult in any group containing ANYONE under the age of 12.** 

**There must be at least two adults in any group availing of the child discount.**