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Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland, has been systematically attacking Viking Settlements, determined to reclaim Ireland from the Norse settlers.  You fear your settlement will be next, but how will your small stronghold defeat Boru’s powerful army?

Legend has it that Ivar of Limerick wore a magical talisman – a Raven’s Skull – which has been enchanted with a powerful spell.  Whoever wears that Raven’s Skull will be undefeated in battle.  You have searched the banks of the Shannon until you discovered Ivar’s Viking Hoard – a huge wooden chest decorated in mystical symbols.

Can you open the chest, solve its mysteries, and find the Raven’s Skull before Brian Boru attacks?




Bring an exciting and immersive escape room experience right into your home or office!  Your family and friends will immediately get lost in the story of the Vikings, and quickly lose all sense of time while solving the puzzles hidden within this amazing chest!

This game takes most teams around an hour to complete, but the best thing about a play-at-home game is that you can take your time and figure out all of the puzzles at your own pace!

This game is rated 2 out of 5 for difficulty, and there is an online hint-system players can use at any time if they get stuck on one of the puzzles.

This game was designed to engage and entertain up to 6 players, age 10+.  If you have a larger group, we recommend hiring 2 copies of the game (2 chests).

Team Challenge!

Hire both chests and play in teams!  Fastest team to finish are the winners!

Just select Qty 2 from the drop-down menu when booking to get

the Team vs Team Challenge!  This option is awesome for corporate groups, sports teams, and large parties!

Boxes are rented twice per day: Morning & Evening.

MORNING collection time is between 9am-11am with return by 4pm SAME DAY.

EVENING collection time is between 5pm-7pm with return same evening OR 9am NEXT DAY.

Choose your collection time on the booking menu and then type in what time you plan on returning the game. 

***Plan Ahead.  These are BIG chests.  You will need 2 people to safely lift the chest in and out of your vehicle.  The chests have wheels on one end for moving over flat surfaces, but lifting it takes 2 people.**  

Chests measure 100x54x51cm, 39x21x20in

€80 for rental of a Single Chest

€150 for rental of Two Chests

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