O'Brien's Cottage

Our more challenging room:


O'Brien's Cottage has been curse for many generations.  Can you find a way to break the curse before she returns?

60 minute time limit.  2-6 Players.


Santa's Sleigh-cation


Our Seasonal Game: 

Santa takes a tropical holiday but doesn't want to return for Christmas!  You need to find him, or the keys to the Magic Sleigh - or Christmas will be ruined!

60 minute time limit.  2-6 Players.


2 people: €50.00 (€25pp)
3 people: €72.00 (€24pp)
4 people:  €88.00 (€22pp)

5 people: €100.00 (€20pp)

6 people: €114.00 (€19pp)​

If booking more than one room in the same booking, contact

us first for a 10% discount code. (cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts)

All groups are totally PRIVATE,

there will be no one else in the room with you.

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The puzzles in our games require logic, focus, and critical-thinking - and are best suited for ages SIXTEEN plus Younger people love our games and are very good at observation and searching - however, younger children will need adult support to solve the puzzles.