After several ruthless interviews, you finally have been offered the job of your dreams!

You celebrate with a fabulous holiday in the sun, a tropical oasis...heavenly.   

But on your last day can't find your PASSPORT! It's missing!

The last place you remember having it was at the Beach Bar!

You must return to the Beach Bar and solve all of it's puzzles in order to find your passport.   

But hurry! You have 60 minutes to find your passport or else you will miss your flight, and if you're not on it you will lose that new job!

2 people: €50.00 (€25pp)
3 people: €72.00 (€24pp)
4 people:  €88.00 (€22pp)

5 people: €100.00 (€20pp)

6 people: €114.00 (€19pp)​

If booking more than one room in the same booking, contact

us first for a 10% discount code.

    • Maximum of 6 people per room (including children). More than 6 people will have to book 2 rooms.

    • If you are under the age of 13, we REQUIRE that you are accompanied by an adult. The games are difficult and made to stump you, so it is our requirement that players under 13 years bring an appropriate amount of adults.  For more about age  restrictions click HERE.