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The Viking Hoard: HINTS

This page will provide hints for our portable, play-at-home game, "The Viking Hoard".  

You can use these hints as much as you need to, but try to allow some time to solve the puzzles yourselves before accessing the hints.  Do not access the hints unless all of the players have agreed that they want to get a hint!


Each puzzle has 3 levels of hints: 1st a gentle nudge to point you in the right direction, 2nd: a more detailed description of what you need to do, 3rd: the full solution.  Many times the 1st nudge is enough to get you moving in the right direction.  Please do not look at the full solution unless you have exhausted all efforts and it is truly necessary.  

TIMED PLAY: It is best to assign a neutral timekeeper who will be in charge of accessing the hints.  In this case, the timekeeper should add a time-penalty every time a team needs to access the hints.  Add 1 minute if you only used a 1st level hint, 2 minutes if you needed a 2nd level hint, and 5 minutes if you needed the full solution.  Write these down as the game is in play, and when the team has finished, add their time penalties onto the time from their clock/stopwatch. 

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